Syndicate Affluence - Lucifer Jones Thread

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    Syndicate Affluence: Lucifer Jones Thread


    • Brief
    • Backstory
    • Arrival To LS
    • Affiliations
    • More Affiliations
    • Finale


    This thread will be explaining the personality of Lucifer and will be going through his history that the Police Records would have on file. Some information you might find useful and some information you might just be interested in reading in. So remember: This doesn't benefit anyone, it's just for fun.


    Lucifer Jones, born November 6th 1986, son of and prince of the famous Jones Family, a British Mafia that was known for brutal gang fights, robbery, dealing and of course, anarchy.

    A recent photo Lucifer took, showing his Mafia-side of himself in Los Santos

    Like his father, Lucifer is known to be witty, dangerous, careful and some how, incognito.
    Every time they think to have caught or to have killed Lucifer, he always jumps back into play, like as if he has decoys all around. The police have only ever been able to catch him once, although he has been in Los Santos' police departments on lots more occasions.


    The first and last mugshot of Lucifer Jones, caught during a bank heist near Vespucci. Minutes before his escape



    Lucifer arrived to Los Santos in October 2013, where he started off small, working for gangs in the south, becoming friends with The Families and doing small drug cartel missions that involved petty thievery.
    He later on decided to create a gang that would take back old territory that The Families once owned, Lucifer came up with the idea they'd take back what The Families once owned, this group was known as The Grove Rebellion
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These pictures consist of Lucifer's dealings with illegal activity on the first few months on arriving to Los Santos

    During this he met his younger brother, Alexander Jones, and even an old friend in the family business, Tony Stark.


    Photograph of Stark on top of Maze Bank, showing off his new office from afar.

    Tony Stark, killer, bounty hunter, psychopath, maniac: The Stark Family were highly affiliated with The Jones Family back in its prime time, but only recently was it sparked up with the help of Tony & Lucifer's remarks in the city of Los Santos, working their way to the top with unknown business, whether they did it legal or not, is unknown. Tony can be found driving what he is said to call, The Beast, but every time the LSPD captured this vehicle, Tony would always take it from the impound, no question about it.

    Captured photographs of The Beast on high speed cameras (registration was too blurry to confirm)
    Only photo of Alexander, not yet confirmed to be forged
    The unheard of brother to Lucifer, Alexander Jones was the inconspicuous dealer on the side of the Jones business, no one heard of him because no one knew he existed. His records show he isn't affiliated with The Jones Family, fortunately, on Alexander's body after encountering a drive-by from the Ballas and Lost MC, was a note linked towards Lucifer, and in his contacts, his brother was there. However LSPD could not trace the mobile contact.

    Only found picture of Ann, dancing with a stripper at an unknown apartment

    Anne Stark, known for going on crime streaks with her elder brother, Tony. Anne was known for her peculiar behavior. She was very teasing towards Lucifer as her phone was found on her body after encountering the same drive-by as Alexander - the texts were of Lucifer trying to attempt some sort of love affection, but never seemed to have succeeded as Ann showed no response.
    Friendzoned mate.


    Mugshot of Scarlett after leaving the plane that arrived to Los Santos, arrested for murder after being groped by a US citizen

    Twin sister Scarlett Jones, known for multiple murders, using a red lipstick kiss on her victim's cheek before leaving the crime scene. Known to be soft-hearted towards family. Hence her arrival after Alexander's death. Now working with her twin brother, causing more havoc than ever before, now that Lucifer has gotten into high stakes.


    Selfies that Scarlett posted on social media, attempt to track the mobile caused FIB electrical devices to burst into flames

    Mugshot of Clara after beating up an officer of the law for attempting to help carry her bags

    Suspiciously, the LSPD don't know about Clara, no documents in the UK or in the US explain much about her, but it is known she is the youngest sister to Tony, we are yet to find more info whether or not she is linked with Lucifer at all, but the LSPD has kept her on tabs.


    The emblem of gang affiliated with Lucifer

    The Grove Rebellion was founded 6 days after Lucifer's arrival to Los Santos. It has been said that this was the crew that helped build up Lucifer's reputation, dealing in small drug deals, gang fights, and theft across the whole city of LS. It's unknown whether Lucifer is affiliated with the crew in recent days, but it is known leadership was handed to Tony after the renewed crew, Syndicate Affluence.


    The emblem of the recent affiliated crew with Lucifer

    Syndicate Affluence was founded 2 and a half years after the development of The Grove Rebellion, and is now in high stacks of business. Lucifer and Tony, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the group have been going into development business ever since and have been earning themselves a lot of money. It's unknown whether or not this business is illegal, LSPD have been constantly confirming it is legal, but many FIB agents have had suspicion.


    These images show more affiliations Lucifer has gone into with his group of crewmen that were found on his social media page, linked with Life Invader:


    The modern bike crew that enveloped to deliver "messages" to rival crews across LS

    Lucifer's affiliation with his family and Tony's mafia. Rarely shown but is affiliated within all of LSSA.


    A party on Lucifer's Super Yatch on the Vespucci beach

    (Lucifer is also known to be in affiliations with other groups such as a motorcycle club, but information is yet to be found)


    So that's most details about Lucifer and his affiliations in Los Santos. Feel free to reply into the comments if you have any questions, and hopefully you enjoyed reading, it took a while to make so please show respect. Hopefully this puts an understanding, and please click the given links inside the posts if you wish to know more about Syndicate Affluence! Many thanks.
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