PS4 Pacific Standard Heist.

Discussion in 'Looking For' started by iXM01, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Hello there, hope you are well? Great, let's get on this.
    I host Pac Stan, I have my own way of doing it, 6/10 times we finish with all money.
    (We eventually get bored and don't take it as serious so I do a max of 5 heists.)

    New talent, is needed. Yes. People who know what they doing, headset, English. Mature enough. Can listen and follow instructions.
    Communication is key.

    This is only for PS4.

    The pay.

    If you do not host this heist, you will be paid, but a 15-20% every time,
    If you do host this, and depending on others. I usually give 60%.
    If two others have this, then 50%.
    If all of us have it. And are serious. We can go maybe 70% each, 4 rotations.

    (Or if you have a better idea, please share.)

    Drop me a message on what you think.
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    What's your psn

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