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Discussion in 'Crewless Archives' started by LiquidGamer, Feb 6, 2017.

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    I'm currently looking for a US or diversed Xbox One mostly free aim military style crew that is #1. Mature, very active, serious but likes to have fun, ability to rank up in the crew, has a descent number of members, trains regularly and has events weekly.
    About me, im located in the US on the east coast, I'm laid back and like to laugh, I follow orders well and able to lead if put in the position. I'm rank 140 on gta 5, have good majority of Pegasus vehicles, have insurgent and karuma, net worth value of around 45 million in personal vehicles. I can fly jets and helicopters pretty good and good in other vehicles. I'm ok on the ground game but better in vehicles.
    Message me on xbox live if interested in recruiting me, my tag is LiquidGamer007
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