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    Dirty Rebels MC

    Harmony, Sandy Shores.


    FREE AIM 1%

    A new Motorcycle Club has started out in Harmony, Sandy Shores, we hang with the Primal Pack MC who are helping us avoid law enforcement and MC feuds.

    We rest our heads in an old garage up in Sandy Shores, it's not pretty on the outside but we call it home.

    Help your local Dirty Rebels MC and apply to join, so we one day can open up more chapters throughout this state.

    This will not be a law controlled state, it will be out Rebel Nation.

    Who are we?

    Dirty Rebels MC is exclusively on Xbox One ONLY, we describe ourselves as a club driven by Loyalty, Dedication, and Respect. Our brotherhood will help any who seek it and destroy any who stand in our way.
    More importantly we like to have fun and make money so if that's what you're into then I believe you'll fit right in.

    We are a return fire only club, and we do not seek out rivalry.

    We are a free-aim club with a 1% mindset.

    If you feel like you have what it takes to run with the Rebels, contact me.
    You must be 16+ years old with caution and please, no time wasters.

    Gamertag: OREOS 1994
    Kik: ZackHone
    Instagram: Dirty_Rebels_MC
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1842712652608680/
    We also have officer positions available!

    We have Prospect patches for our prospects.

    Prospect Rules:
    1. You will show respect for patched members at all times.
    2. You will Salute officers.
    3. You will not ride a Patches bikes unless instructed to.
    4. You will wear the black leather jacket with the blue strips as your prospect patch.
    5. If a patch falls off his bike you will stop, pick up his bike, mount your bike and wait for him to ride off before you follow behind him.
    6. Do not over take patches.
    7. Stay on guard duty all the time unless instructed otherwise.
    8. Do NOT speak over patches.
    9. Defend the Clubhouse while we are in "Church."
    10. You will not come into the clubhouse unless given permission.
    11. Obey all orders given to you.
    12. Do NOT question patches.
    13. PROTECT Patches at all times.
    14. If you have a problem or a concern talk to a patch or an officer, we're not bad guys.

    Acceptable Weapons:

    Assault Rifles.
    Pistols. (Not the AP Pistol!)
    Double Barrel, Sawn off and Pump shotguns ARE Accepted.

    DRMC Prospect Patch. pmg.png 16406872_10212338682286635_3021266639255472498_n.jpg

    Club Rules:

    You MUST use free aim at all times.

    You MUST wear crew colours or patch at ALL times.

    You CAN'T use jets or tanks.

    You CAN'T use vehicles as weapons.

    You MUST ride a bike at all times in a public session.

    Apply on our website:

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    Yo, still looking for prospects
  3. OREOS 1994

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    No man we closed down and joined another club, but I can recommend a club looking for prospects?
    Go to www.primalpackmc.com and fill out an application there.

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