Black Brigade Mercenary Co.

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    "Pillage, then burn."

    Black Brigade Mercenary Co. is a crew on the PC version of GTA Online whose sole purpose and priority is having fun with the game while in a group, and making money as a crew. We are a collaboration of like-minded individuals when it comes to team play and working together for the benefit of the crew. If this is the type of crew you are looking for send nprevvv a private message and we will shoot you an invite, or hit me up on the social club at nprevv.

    • Heists: There is plenty of cash to be made by completing these heists. We hope to get a dedicated crew together to complete all heists on hard mode, and if victorious earn millions doing it via the Criminal Mastermind heist challenge. If people do not want to par-take in this we will also do heists here and there whenever people wish to complete them.
    • CEO Import/Exports: If you run a business as a CEO we will help you with moving your cargo as much as we can.
    • Motorcycle Club businesses: Just like the CEO import/exports we will also assist in supplying your drug houses, and selling your stock. The same goes for your counterfeit cash operations and other MC businesses.
    • Most of all we are here to have fun and enjoy the game. We are a brand new crew who is just now opening recruitment.

    Final Notes:

    We use a discord chat server for all of the games we play. Once you are in the crew we will send out the invite link for our discord server. Discord is a program like teamspeak where it is free to run servers for those who do not know what it is. You can download it at anytime.

    See you on the streets!
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