Young Money UPTOWN (Crew)
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  • "Young Money Uptown"
    is a newly established crew that was built for the ones who wanted the fastest cars, biggest cribs, shinny diamonds, and powerful weapons.

    What makes "Young Money Uptown" stand out from other crews is the organized team work.
    Every new member is asked to list 5 goals they wish to complete im GTA V Online. Example: Unlock every GTA Online Xbox One achievement , have 5 million in GTA bank, Purchase a facility , ect. And we as a team we will help each other acomplish those goals.
    Based on the members play style will determine there role in the crew.

    As a leader i listen to the needs of my crew and make sure they are taken care of.

    A crew website will be up and running within the next week.
    The site will help the crew stay in close contact and keep the crew organized!

    The site will include:

    1. Calender for scheduled live events including car shows, street race, ect.
    2. Daily scheduled jobs and heist that memebers have requested to complete. (Times will be posted)
    3. Chatroom
    4. Request forums so players can request help for completing heists, bodyguard ect.
    5. Members info such as email, gamer tag, facebook page, ect.
    6. Crew Photo galley & videos
    7. Enemy hitlist
    8. Members owned property locations
    9. Prize drawings.
    WE ARE "Young Money Uptown"

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