The Aces High Hit Squad
Crews item created by SaucyFlow7o2, Jun 10, 2018
  • You know what they say; there's no school like old school! The Aces High Hit Squad assassinates targets and groups using heavy vehicles like the Insurgent, Dune, A-Trac, and other military styled vehicles.

    Our Airborne division is limited to jets and helicopters. We believe that the use of weapons like Oppressors, and Deluxos are not necessary, and are not necessary to get the job done either. That's why our Airborne division goes through extensive military training. In this division, you will learn how to maneuver around buildings, enemies, and mountainous terrain. You will learn how to use the weapons given to you efficiently. Finally, you will learn how to take out ground vehicles.

    But what if you want to fly a plane, but want to stay away from close air combat? There's always a place for you in Convoy. Convoy is the transport of soldiers and cargo. Convoy always involves bombing missions. In Convoy, you will learn how to dodge enemies, stay in formation, and use bombs accurately.

    Not in love with the sky? Join the Infantry division! Infantry takes to the ground. These soldiers are trained to fight with all classes of weapons and are tested on each, to figure out what weapon makes them most effective. Then we assign them to a Sub-Division that fits them the greatest. The Sub-Divisions are:

    -The Iron Giants: These metalheads are heavy juggernauts, using bulletproof armor, and heavy weapons to get the job done. Good with heavy MG's? This is the class for you!
    -The Bloody first: These soldiers are the riflemen of the infantry. Using customized Special Carbines, and other assault weapons, The Bloody First leads the charge on the ground.
    -Mountain: The Mountain Division sticks to the mountains (Duh). These Snipers use heavy snipers and other long-distance weaponry to get the job done, from a distance. They also protect the other divisions by performing recon and taking out any enemy that is seen as a threat.
    -Expeditionary: These risk takers use explosives to take out the enemy. They like to go out with a bang. They're also trained to use shotguns and pistols, just in case.

    Own a lot of vehicles? Wanna use them? Join the Heavy Vehicle division! Use weapons like tanks, insurgents, and other weaponized vehicles to get the job done. Tankers are given their own tank crews, complete with a machine gunner, and overseer. The Heavy Vehicle division also transports soldiers on the ground.

    Love the water? Join the Navy division! Carry soldiers over water, and attack other enemy boats.

    Wanna go bold? Join the Special Forces. The Special Forces complete missions like hostage rescue, recon, surveillance, and counter-terrorism missions. If you join this division, you will be trained to use all forms of weaponry, including explosives, rifles, shotguns, heavy weapons, and melee weapons. You will learn to use stealth, and other tactics to destroy the enemy.

    What are you waiting for? Join the Aces High Hit Squad! and destroy the enemy!
  • We are a group of old-school individuals who like to get the job done in style! Instead of fighting with Deluxos and Oppressors, we perfect the art of old-fashioned dog fighting and limit ourselves to military grade weapons only.

    -I believe that a crew must dig down to the roots of combat to be the most effective. Sometimes, technology doesn't make the fighter. Its the skills and tactics the fighter uses.

    -The Aces are always looking for new recruits! Interested? Leave a comment or message me at my GT: SaucyFlow7o2.