LCC Services
Crews item created by LCCS rep., Jan 12, 2018
  • The LCCS is a Private military crew on Xbox One that is currently looking for some new members to join our ranks.

    We are an active crew that looks after one another. There are no mandatory meetings and no real skill requirements, if you aren't as good as you'd like to be we'd be happy to help you improve. Anyone is welcome to apply so long as you are at least Level 20. (doesn't mean you'll get in)

    If you want more info or want to join, visit our website:
  • As of (1-12-18) we have 46 members in our PMC though we are looking to having even more!

    if that's something you'd be interested in contact us on our website!

  • We make some videos sometimes!

    Our YouTube channel: ([HERE])

    srsly tho give em' a watch they are (in my opinion) worth your time.