Crews item created by GTA5 SARP, Aug 19, 2018

    West Coast Roleplay is a professional, realistic and most friendly roleplay server out there for Xbox One! We welcome all people from across the world; with that being said, roleplay sessions happen every day at any time to make sure all members get a chance to join from all time zones! We are very diverse and unique!
    Our community is on Xbox One GTA V and we offer many opportunities to you that you won’t get in any other community!
    West Coast RP has a CUSTOM CAD/MDT that enhances the realism of roleplays right to the top! Our CAD is constantly having new updates from the management/developer team to make sure it is ready to be used with new features!

    What makes us stand out is our variety of departments and sub-divisions! Our list of departments are as follows:
    • Los Santos Police Department
    • Blaine County Sheriff's Office​
    • San Andres Highway Patrol​
    • Sandy Shores Police Department​
    • Paleto Bay Police Department​
    • Communications Department​
    • San Andreas Fire & Rescue​
    • Civilian/Criminal Operations​
    All these departments have multiple sub-divisions available to them which gives them the ability to do pretty much anything and deal with situations as they can in real life!

    WCRP has a money system which aids civilians roleplay so much! But if you are LEO, Fire or Communications, then don’t worry because you can use it too!

    West Coast RP has a very special feature within the community which is three individual court systems; District Court, Court of Appeals & Supreme Court! This has been an amazing addition and have received very positive feedback from our members!

    Finally, WCRP has an amazing staff team that are available 24/7 and can help any time and with anything!

    So, what are you waiting for? Come and join West Coast Roleplay for the best roleplaying experience on console! Click here to join our Recruitment Server!

    See you soon!

    -WCRP Management & Recruitment Team