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Blaine County DOj
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  • About Us

    Blaine County Department of Justice is a realistic gaming community on Grand Theft Auto V that allows members to bring their character to life and role-play in San Andreas on the PlayStation 4. The community offers members a way to interact with others who share the same interest as they do. Whether that interest may be serving the public as police officers, rushing into buring buildings, or running from the police in a high speed pursuit, our community is for everyone. Our members come from many different parts of the world to enjoy our style of role-playing.

    Our Departments

    The community consists of four branches in which members can be involved in. The Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Blaine County Fire Department, Blaine County 9-1-1 Center, and Blaine County Civilians each offer members the ability to be who they want in the community. So whether members are into public serving as emergency personnel or living their life as civilians, there is something for everyone in our community. Civilians choose their own paths and can own business, haul goods and services in semi-trucks across the county, or plan criminal mastermind jobs.

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