GTA V Crews

I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want this thread but I managed to talk Hellsmercenary into helping out around here as a moderator. Thanks Hells', I'm sure you'll do a grand job!

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This is going to end on 31st May 2017. All rounds must be entered by then. If you miss it that's your fault for not seeing this in a month! The winner will be a staff decision chosen from the eligible crews. All rounds will remain open so you can still get in at the end. Rounds will be put up as and when it seems right. No info given beforehand.

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CREW OF THE MONTH April 2017 Solid Points [SOPO] Social Club Leader: @Fulkini Solid Points earned Crew of the Month through one of their crew photos submitted in our recent snapmatic contest. 1. Where did you come up with the name Solid Points? It was the name of the rock band that me and a few buddies started around the time we graduated from high...

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