GTA V Crews

Going to make a crew of the month every other month this year. It will be for random reasons so spruce up your posts, get active,get competitive, or get creative!

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Oh my, I thought the site had credit in the account and it was all dried up. I was out of town and didn't get a chance to check in until this morning. So and any other sister forums were down for 1-2 days. I'm really sorry about this. I hope everyone is having a great holiday and wish everyone the best. Enjoy the snow in Los Santos while you can!

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GTA Online: Import/Export, the latest enterprising extension of the CEO gameplay introduced with Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This update features CEO Import/Export Jobs Office Garage Option Executive Garage owners can also add an optional custom shop to their shiny new digs for in-house customization and Benny’s style vehicle Upgrades, which include a variety of garage...

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Sweeetttttttt. This update will allow CEOs to purchase exotic car warehouses to house the new import/export business and expand their offices with executive garages. These executive garages can hold up to 60 cars and a custom auto shop. This update will also feature new vehicles. This one appears to be some sort of ramp car. It looks like mischief in the making...

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