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Please cast TWO votes for your favourite Snapmatics. Obviously those that entered will vote for their own. A second vote means you also vote for someone else's. This poll will close 7 days from now and the winner will be announced the following day. Good luck all! #1 - Restless MC - By Nugsy #2 - Raid Kill Destroy - By Josh 8866 #3 - Solid Points - By Fulkini #4 - The Style Syndicate...

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On Sunday around 10pm PST I will be taking the site down for about an hour to do maintenance and adding features. PS Sorry for being so MIA. Things have been crazy but @Nugsy has things under control now. He is also an admin now and will do great things for the site :)

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Once again the prizes are : Get your crew featured here (mention on front page for a month) Get your recruitment thread stickied & highlighted for the month Get promoted on our facebook page (@gtavcrews) Get to revel in the fame and glory.

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Rockstar have recently announced that after March 6th 2017 THERE WILL BE NO MORE CHARACTER TRANSFERS FROM LAST GEN CONSOLES. If you have not transferred your progress to a PS4, Xbox One or PC by that date, you will not be able to. This will of course put a stop to modded accounts getting across platforms but will also hinder many genuine players that simply cannot afford to upgrade from PS3...

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Going to make a crew of the month every other month this year. It will be for random reasons so spruce up your posts, get active,get competitive, or get creative!

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